Olive Oil Fun Facts From California Olive Ranch

California Olive Ranch, Partner of Family Food Fest 2018 on March 4, 2018.

We’re so excited that California Olive Ranch is one of our Family Food Fest partners. It is rare that a day goes by without using Olive Oil in some fashion. But as often as it gets used, there are a lot of things we learned that surprised us. Did you know:

In the United States we consume and average of 1 liter of olive oil per person per year - but in Greece they consume almost 24 liters per person per year! 

There are 2000 different varieties of olives

The first time olives were transformed into olive oil was 4500 BC

Olive Oil is a fruit juice. Yup, you read that right. Olive Oil comes from the flesh of the olive.  If you live near an olive tree try this: pick a fruit and smash it in your palm. You will have both water and olive oil on your hand. For that reason olive oil is considered a raw fruit juice. 

All olives start off green and mature to purple. If the olives are harvested and turned into oil when they are still green, the olive oil is more intensely bitter and pungent, and they yield a smaller amount of oil. If they are harvested when they are purple, the oil is usually more mild and buttery. A lot of times (like at California Olive Ranch) a combination is used to produce the freshest flavor

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