Katie Workman's Tacos: A Recipe for Family Cooking

Katie Workman's tacos. Workman is a featured chef at Family Food Fest 2018 on March 4, 2018.

Everyone loves tacos, even Dragons. Family Food Fest Chef Partner Katie Workman's Taco Recipe is perfect. She calls for Ground Beef or Turkey, which makes these kind of old school, and her taco seasoning mix takes less than five minutes to come together but is so much better than a packaged version. Whether you prefer your tacos in a hard corn shell or soft tortilla, her recipe works.  

One of the best parts – so easy to have the kids involved. If they are old enough, they can do some of the stove top work, but a child of almost any age can help get the fixings ready. They can put cheese in bowls, shred lettuce etc. And the deconstructed nature of tacos means everyone eats just what they want! A win win.