What's On the Menu at Family Food Fest?

We're so excited to announce the schedule for this year's Family Food Fest Kitchen Demo Stage

Make a plan to catch at least a couple of these demos during the day. But be sure to leave time for your kids to take a class in our Kids Classroom, brush up (or learn!) knife skills, build a kitchen mixer out of Legos (but sorry, legos stay on site), and make and taste other dishes at the various areas throughout the event. They will even be able to to take part in a mini cooking competition! 

11:15 am (VIE HOUR) Katie Workman from The Mom 100 will be teaching us how to get that chicken on the table fast with Clever Chicken and Pan Sauce. She'll even draft some audience members to give it a whirl (BOOK SIGNING IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING at the STORIES booth)

12:30 pm Jenny Rosenstratch from Dinner: A Love Story talks to us about the ritual of family dinner and delights us with her Tortilla Soup (BOOK SIGNING IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING at the STORIES booth)

1:30 pm Taylor Erkkinen one of the founders of the Brooklyn Kitchen shares Stories, Sources and  Solutions for Feeding Hungry Kids with Complicated Allergies

2:30 pm Raquel Pelzel teaches us about homemade granola and some very clever uses for it. It's not just for yogurt anymore (BOOK SIGNING IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING at the STORIES booth)

3:30 pm Caroline Campion and and Kathy Brennan from The Dinner Plan know that snack time is basically like another meal. Join them as they make a simple but delicious Japanese Pizza. (BOOK SIGNING IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING at the STORIES booth)


Love Food? Us too, so here's A Valentine's Special!

Love is in the air this week. Love of our kids, our spouses and partners and food! Here at Family Food Fest we not only love food, but we love all of our chefs and partners who are working with us on this event. And we love you, our food loving attendees! 

To show the love ... use code LOVEFOOD now through Valentine's Day for 14% off the ticket price! 

Happy cooking and eating and please help spread the love about Family Food Fest.