About Family Food Fest

About Cori

Good food isn't just for grown ups anymore. We all want our kids to grow up eating (relatively!) well and knowing their way around a kitchen. Thanks to the increased national focus on artisanal and real food, its easier than ever for families to raise their children to be excited by and participate in food from a young age.

Kids now have their "own" cooking TV shows like Master Chef Junior, Food Network Star Kids and Chopped Junior and watch them with their parents in the millions. They have their "own" cookbooks (i.e. Kid Chef, The Young Chef) and parents have a multitude of cookbooks to help with feeding their families (Dinner Solved, Dinner: The Playbook etc)

Now kids and their parents have their own food festival: Family Food Fest. A unique event that provides interactive, hands on, tasty opportunities for families to celebrate all things food.  

Family Food Fest 2017, Founder Cori Snyder Schuman with her daughrer

Family Food Fest founder CORI SNYDER SCHUMAN is that friend who is really into food or that mom at school you talk food with at drop off. The one you ask for recipes and trust the suggestions will be winners.

She cares passionately about food and feeding her family, but in a laid back "let's not make ourselves crazy" kind of a way. Through The Family Friendly Kitchen, Cori has created an outlet for her food creativity and inspiration and a vehicle for producing food-themed events.